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The most critical role on the shoot...

Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Cara will be an interesting web series because the 2 co-stars will also act as directors on the shoot. As a result, the most critical role will be that of the Assistant Director - the role I am currently interviewing for.

What does the Assistant Director, or AD do on the set of a small web series? Well, ultimately he or she is responsible for taking care of all of the small details that need to happen on the set during the shoot to allow the actors the ability to focus on acting.

The job on our shoots start about two weeks before we shoot. After receiving and analyzing the script, the AD works with the producer to ensure that we have the right permissions to use whatever locations will be required. If the producer has done his job, that work will be done but there are always stumbling blocks or potential changes so the AD helps ensure that there will be no surprises on the day of the shoot.

The second responsibility is to ensure we have the crew lined up. Typically we like to use the same folks for each episode but we need to ensure availability each time. For C, C, & C, we will likely utilize a crew of five plus the AD. While Iconic Rocket likes to work with the AD on who will make up the crew, ultimately we like the AD to have final say with regards to who is on the crew. This builds in a degree of accountability early in our relationship and to date it has been effective!

Then the real work begins. The AD and the producer perform a thorough script analysis and breakdowns each scene. The AD then recommends a shoot order and then coordinates the final rehearsal with the actors and crew to ensure the shoot runs as smoothly as possible.

During the shoot, the AD helps ensure everyone stays on schedule to ensure everything is finished on time. They may wear a variety of hats - script supervisor, production designer, and anything in between.

It is a tough job! In a few weeks, I will let you know who we chose to take on this role for us and perhaps they can give an update.

Until next time, stay healthy, positive, and productive!

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